Hi, Jeff Aman here … to introduce you to … the 3 Minute Lawyer!

Our mission at the 3 Minute Lawyer is to communicate vital information about important aspects of the law as it intersects with your life. At some point, we all interface with the law, understanding that the law is simply the written rules that guide our decisions in society. My desire is to make you aware of these points of intersection, and help you gain practical knowledge and understanding so that you are better equipped to help yourself, your family, and others deal with life as it relates to legal matters. Our desire is to empower you with the law.

Much of what we have to talk about relates to planning. A frequent expression is, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Here at the 3 Minute Lawyer, we are committed to your success!

So this leads to the question, Who am I and how will we accomplish our mission?

First, I am an attorney in Tampa, Florida. I was admitted to practice law in 1984, so I’ve been practicing for more than 25 years (maybe one day I’ll perfect it and won’t have to practice any more!). I am the founding attorney of Aman Law Firm, which has been serving clients for over 10 years. I am personally excited to lend my time and energy to the 3 Minute Lawyer to fulfill our mission week in and week out.

Second, in terms of how. We intend to produce a webcast and associated podcast once a week starting the first week in June 2014 and going forward. We’ll publish our content on the website and on YouTube, so it is available in 3 formats: oral podcast, audio-visual video, and in written transcript form.

So 3 formats, and you may ask, “Why 3 minutes?” Our premise is that most people don’t want to read or listen to something that lasts 10 to 20 minutes, much less than 30 minutes, especially when it relates to something as dry and dusty as the law! So we will break down the important practical aspects of the law into approximately 3 minute nuggets that will help our listeners and readers understand basic, essential aspects of the law that will help them in their everyday lives.

So that’s who I am and what we’re about. I hope you enjoy our episodes, and feel free to email me at jeff@7minutelawyer.com with any follow up questions you may have.

3 Minute Lawyer. Empowering you with the Law.

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